From Villa The Yin Yang you have an magnificent waterfall view. .
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1 .Make some nice day tours with Nyoman the driver of Villa Yin Yang.

2, You can visit the dutch artist Emile in his house in Ubud , drink coffee see his art and photographs. You are welcome.
.After you can walk to the monkey forest wood and visit other nice places with Nyoman. ( minimal 1 day before ask

3. Walking with Emile in the Hills from Ubud ( 2,5 hour ) walking or making photo's. ( Morning ) See pictures area. ask

4. A Workshop abstract painting by the painter Emile - look in his website
Possible also in the villa - ask

5. Rafting or cycling - Nyoman can organise that and can bring you.

6. Follow the real balinese massage course with certificate in Ubud. TMC Baline Massage Course.
Possible for one day - possible 4 days and the full program 1 month. ask

7. Dance performance every evening in Ubud on different locations. By the palace every evening.

8. Workshops from 3 hours including material and drinks and snacks. Ask

SILVER CLASS WORKSHOP ..Price: Rp 350.000 - 3 hours.
BATIK CLASS WORKSHOP .....Price Rp 400.000 - 3 hours
OFFERING WORKSHOP. ........Price Rp 275.000 - 2 hours
WOODCARVING workshop ..- price Rp 380.000 -3 hours

BALINESE DANCE WORKSHOP ......... price Rp 275.000 - 2 hours
TRADITIONAL PAINTING WORKSHOP - Price Rp 380.000 - 3 hours.

9. Special spiritual secret Tours and Full Moon tour with Nyoman - To the Dukun - Healer - Brahman with meditation.

....Workshop painting by the artist in his home possible also in your villa. ............................................Balinese dance in Ubud every evening.

The workshops in Ubud in a very nice location in the ricefields. Start 10 o clock in the morning till 13.00 hour . The prices are including drink and snack and material around 25 euro .Reservation minimal two days before;

The massage course in Ubud. Course for Fun  1 day, 6 hours   $ 150 USD   (Lunch and tea time included) Four days 24 hours Traditional Course $ 250 USD
Or the Therapist training $ 700 USD 1 month or two month $ 1500 USD - ask
Dance on your veranda.

Birthday party ?
Honeymoon ?
Last evening Bali ?
Surprice someone ?

This two young girls are great balinese dancers .
Ask for the price ?

They can dance in whole Bali


8 AM -5 PM 

Extra cost :
For the HEALER
     For the HINDU BRAHMAN 
   For the OFFRING
    For the LUNCH in
Balinese compound.

More secrets tours ask Nyoman.